Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Katelyn Talent Show Performance

Be A Mirror for God (written by Katelyn)


v1: I started out following my own ways, following the path that led me astray
God is who we should love, God is who we should follow

Be a mirror for God
Be a mirror for God

v2: We gotta show everyone God’s great love, showin’ He’s the King in heaven above
God is who we should love, God is who we should follow

Be a mirror for God

Be a mirror for God

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Waiting for BMC...

Here are some sweet pictures my friend Maya took a few weeks ago...just a few variations of three different poses.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer in America 2016

We had such a wonderful summer in America!  We divided our trip up by city, so below you will find pictures from each place we visited!  Thank you to everyone who made our summer so meaningful!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fun Times in Waco!

We got to have breakfast with a family who is on our team in here in China...we were both in Waco at the same time this summer!

Celebrating Dave's 39th Birthday!

The girls got "big girl" Bibles from granny and grandmother!  Dave's mom gave the girls a joint early birthday party so that she (and a few others) could celebrate with the girls!

Thank you granny for our season passes to Hawaiian Falls!

Hawaiian Falls with friends!

Sleepover with Kristen's college roommate and her family!

Katelyn got her ears pierced!  Above is the "before" picture

And the "after"  ....so grown up!

We got to visit with a dear friend from Kristen's college days!

 Visiting with Dave's best friend and his parents

Just for fun...we went camping in an RV one night!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fun Times in Austin!

 Celebrating the 4th of July with family!

 Anna helping Peepaw water the plants

 A visit to the Austin Thinkery (thank you Aunt Jessie!)

 One of Katelyn's friends from Dallas surprised her there (her family happened to be visiting Austin at the same time!)

 You're never too old for a Mommy/Daughter date!  Love you mom.

 Dave and Kristen Anniversary Getaway!  We went down to New Braunfels for two nights while the girls were at Mamaw and Peepaw camp

 Family Time at Krausy Springs!  Beautiful!  

 Katelyn was the first in our family to jump into the ice cold, spring-fed pool!  It felt so good on a hot Texas day!

 I enjoyed getting to celebrate Father's Day with my dad!  Love you dad.

The girls really wanted to wash Peepaw's feet, so we called it "pamper peepaw" time.  So cute!

 Katelyn was able to attend Pine Cove Christian Camp (daycamp) with one of her friends while we were in Austin!  She loved it!

 Katelyn and her counselor

 Katelyn and her friend Sophia

 Getting ready for one of the camp activities!

 $1 Hot Dog Night at the Round Rock Express Baseball Game; they lost, but we won with those hot dogs!

 Fun times with Cousin Sloane!

 The girls attended Vacation Bible School at the church Kristen grew up in.  They loved it!