Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rookie of the Week!

In January, Katelyn was chosen from all four of the first grade classes as the Rookie of the Week.  One student is chosen from each grade level each week of school, and this is an honor given to a student who has stood out in some way to his/her teachers.  Congratulations Katelyn!  We are so proud of you! 

The picture above is hung on the bulletin board near the front of the school, and stays there for the rest of the year, as other students are added.  Katelyn is pictured at the far right, and this is what is said by her name:

1st grade- Katelyn McCurdy (Siske) Katelyn is very respectful and always helpful to her peers and teachers.


Every year since 2002, a few girlfriends and I have gathered for a fun time of fellowship, sleeping in, laughing, eating, laughing, and eating....and laughing!  This year, we took advantage of my parents going on a cruise and "house sat" for them while they were gone.  We had a great time (and Dave had a good time with the girls while I was gone!).

Katelyn is seven AND A HALF!

Thankful for all seven and a half years with you!

Our half birthday trip to TCBY!

Anna's 4th Birthday and Family Ski Trip

When we asked Anna what she wanted to do for her birthday this year, she was adamant, "I want to go to Mamaw and Peepaw's cabin!"  Last year we planned a family ski trip in Ruidoso, New Mexico that just happened to be over Anna's 3rd birthday, and she enjoyed it so much that she wanted to go back this year!  Sidenote: The cabin doesn't really belong to my parents (mamaw and peepaw); it belongs to some sweet friends of ours who rent it out as a vacation rental and were kind enough to let us stay there.  Because my parents were there last year, Anna just assumed it belonged to them.  I started to tell her how that particular birthday celebration was a one-time thing, and we probably couldn't do it for her birthday every year.....and then I put on my "cool mom" hat, looked at the calendar and the budget, invited mamaw and peepaw, and we hit the road!  We had so much fun (see pictures below).  We love you Anna and are so thankful for the joy that you add to our family.

Birthday morning!

We went snow tubing on Anna's actual birthday.  It was one of her favorite things we did!

We took a family gondola ride to the top of the mountain and played in the snow!

Dave and I even got to have a ski date while my parents watched Anna and Katelyn was in her ski class!

Katelyn took went to ski school for a few hours one morning...she ended up being the only one in the class, so she got a private lesson!  This instructor was the same one my sister Brittany had the year before!  Katelyn did awesome!

The girls loved feeding the deer with peepaw...those deer were so spoiled!  I think there were up to 20 deer gathered around the porch at one point!

Deer Feeding Time!

Peepaw teaching Katelyn how to play Sudoku

The girls and I built a snowman...if you look closely, you can see it. :)

"Mamaw and Peepaw's" cabin 

This is such a fun, scenic park!

Picnic on the porch!

Hot tub time!

Birthday Dinner! 

Singing Happy Birthday!

We had Anna sit in the middle of the living room, and as is our tradition at birthdays, we all went around taking turns sharing about what we appreciated most about her.

Family Pic!