Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Favorite Reunion!

About twice a year, my dear friend and college roommate, Bethany, comes to Texas (from Washington State) with her husband and two sweet sons to visit.  She's lived in Washington for awhile, but it doesn't make me miss her any less.  My other college roommate, Jenny, lives near us, so whenever the Flints come in town, we always make a point to have a reunion of some sort (sometimes with kids and husbands, and sometimes without).  Here are pictures from their visit over the Christmas holidays...I'm already looking forward to their summer visit!

...if you're wondering where in the world our husband are, they are busy trying to get the kids to look at the camera! It was no small miracle to get that top picture of just the three of us without all the kids "hanging" around.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Piece of Art

A new student just joined Katelyn's class a couple weeks ago. His name is Carston.  I've met him once when I went to read to her class.  He was nice enough, I guess.  Today Katelyn came home with a drawing (this is not unusual), but the drawing was from the new boy, Carston (this is unusual).  Did I mention that the drawing had hearts on it????  Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Wow Katelyn!  This is a neat picture."
Katelyn: "Yeah.  Carston drew it for me."
Me: "Really?  That was thoughtful of him. (Pause) Did he draw one for everyone?"
Katelyn: "No.  Just me."
Me:  "You should show daddy!"

Our Shooting Star!


Every week at Katelyn's school, one student from each grade level receives the "shooting star" award.  Students who receive this award are chosen based on a specific character trait they exhibit. guessed it!  This past week, our sweet Katelyn was chosen as the kindergarten "shooting star."  She received the award for exhibiting the character trait of curiosity.  In case you're wondering....this is a good thing!  When she went to the library with her class, the librarian told the kids to visit a particular website that would help them practice their reading.  However, there wasn't any documentation given to the students to take home (reminder: these kids are five and six years old...I can't remember things like that on a daily basis, and I'm 35!!).  Because Katelyn LOVES to read, she was insistent on me finding this "mystery" website.  She knew exactly what it looked like and what I would need to do once I got there.  Problem was, I could never get there.  Finally, in a moment of desperation (for both of us!), I decided to e-mail her teacher and ask about said website.  She e-mailed back an eight-step process to get to the page that Katelyn recognized.  So....her teacher told the librarian that Katelyn was the only student in all four classes of kindergarten who tried to find the website...thus the character trait of CURIOSITY!  Way to go Katelyn!  We are so proud of you and every bit of your curious self!