Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dave and Katelyn went on a very special daddy/daughter date for Valentine's Day! Katelyn got to choose where they went to dinner (she picked Schlotsky's), and they both got all dressed up. Dave even picked her up at the door...her bedroom door. :) Here are some sweet pictures from their evening together.

In other Valentine's news, we also took a trip to our favorite nursing home to visit our special friends. Katelyn had just received a big book of Valentine's stickers from her great grandmother, so it worked out perfectly for her to share with not only the residents, but the nurses and other personnel too!

Who loves to share her stickers??!!

As another fun part of our Valentine's Day, we made and decorated
sugar cookies for our neighbors!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anna is One!

Happy Birthday Anna! She is officially one as of Thursday, February 9. Instead of one big birthday festivity, we had a lot of mini festivities for her birthday....first, my sister Jessica came in town the weekend before Anna's birthday (Love you Jess! Thanks for coming!). We had cupcakes and pizza and sang happy birthday! Anna wasted no time eating the whole cupcake. She loves her some buttercream icing just like her mommy! Next up, my mom was in town for a business conference, so she came over for dinner the night before Anna's birthday and we had steaks, baked sweet potatoes, salad, and chocolate chip birthday cookies! The final celebration was on Anna's special day. We had birthday cinnamon rolls that morning, and then the girls and I made a special visit to Anna's actual birthplace...Flower Mound Presbyterian Hospital. We enjoyed a little snack in the cafe, walked around the maternity ward (taking note of the room mommy stayed in), and took a peak in the gift shop. Fun times! We love you Anna Grace and praise the Lord for your 1st year of life!

Anna 1 year

Katelyn 1 year

Sisterly love...

The cupcake.

Singing Happy Birthday!

The devouring of the cupcake.

Devouring of the chocolate chip birthday cookie

Birthday morning cinnamon rolls!

A birthday morning interview with Anna

The hospital.

Katelyn and Anna perusing some reading material at the hospital lobby