Saturday, March 9, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Dave and Katelyn attended their first father/daughter dance in February!  Dave came home with flowers for her, and she was so excited!  She kept saying "Daddy brought me flowers!  Daddy brought me flowers!"  They were quite a pair.   See for yourself....

Practicing their dance moves before heading out the door

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna!

Anna is two.  Wow.  Just like that.  It seems that time never flies as fast as when your kids are growing up.  We had such a fun time at her party!  An intimate gathering at home of five of her closest friends (including big sis, of course!).  See below to enjoy some pictures from the big day...

 "Official" two year pic

Katelyn's two year pic

 Aunt Brittany made these super fun rainbow cakes for each of the kids to eat/enjoy!  Thanks Brittany for sharing your creativity, time, and energy!

 Happy Birthday to you Anna!

 Loving her personal-size rainbow birthday cake!

 ...and loving her Aunt Brittany

Ring around the rosie

 As has become our tradition, we visited "Anna's hospital" where she was born.  We even managed to find our room!

 The day we brought her home...