Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All Smiles!

We apologize that it has been awhile since we last posted an update! Things have been a little crazy with Dave returning from China (he had a wonderful trip!), Kristen's sister Jessica getting married (everything was absolutely beautiful and went off without a hitch--CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. EVAN CONQUEST!), returning home to Dallas (did we mention that Katelyn slept the whole 4 hour car ride??!!), unpacking (last load of laundry-DONE!), and getting settled back into a "normal" schedule! Whew! We're tired just thinking about it!

More on Dave's trip to China: He was able to meet up with his best Chinese friend while he was there, the accountant's training was very productive, and reconnecting with many of our team members was quite refreshing for him! Dave also felt very confirmed in his work with LDi.

More on the wedding and Katelyn and Kristen's time in Austin: It was such a blessing for K&K to be in Austin with Kristen's parents, and they really enjoyed having them there as well! They also got to spend a weekend with Dave's mom in Waco! At the wedding (see picture above), Kristen served as a bridesmaid while Dave and his mom sat in the "cry room" at the back of the church and took care of Katelyn (who slept all the way through the ceremony!). While in Austin, Katelyn also got to meet another set of her great grandparents at the wedding as well as other extended family! Dave and Kristen even got to do a little dancing at the reception while family and friends took turns holding Katelyn!

We are also excited to share that Katelyn turned two months old today (see picture)!! She is growing so fast! Tomorrow morning she will go for her regularly scheduled doctor's visit (read: first round of shots!). It seems that Kristen is more sad about those shots than Katelyn is! Katelyn is now cooing, smiling, lifting her head a little more, sleeping through the night every now and then, and just enjoying life (most of the time!).

Next Wednesday, October 31, we will all three fly to Atlanta, Georgia. Dave will be at the head office working for a couple of weeks, and K&K are just tagging along for the first part of the trip to spend some extra time with Dave and for Katelyn to meet the LDi staff there!

Thanks for being so patient with us as we catch up on life! We look forward to updating you again soon!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Reasons to Rejoice!

We are so excited to share with you two very good reasons to rejoice today!

Reason #1: We just received news from the Wickershams (the family in China who has been pursuing Rose's adoption) that the family in the U.S. who was matched with Rose has decided not to pursue her adoption, and as such, their adoption agency is in the process of sending Rose's paperwork back to China, allowing the Wickershams to pursue her adoption at a later date. Thank you so much for your prayers on behalf of this little girl. The Lord has truly done incredible things in this situation and in the life of this family! (see picture of this precious family--from left to right--Mark, Rose, Megan, and Grace)

Reason #2: Dave left yesterday for China (see picture--Katelyn fit perfectly in his lugguage, but Kristen just would have missed her too much!), and three hours into his flight from Chicago to Beijing, the plane started experiencing mechanical problems. The problems caused enough concern that the flight returned to Chicago and will be leaving this afternoon instead. Although this was a bit of an inconvenience, we are so thankful for the protection and wisdom that the Lord provided in this situation. Another blessing is that Dave had a few days before his meeting started, so this change in plans didn't affect his reason for going. We were also able to communicate this change in plans to the appropriate people and get his transportation (one of the company's Chinese drivers) from the Bejing airport rescheduled--despite the fact that it is a holiday week for the Chinese!

We praise Him for His goodness in the big and little things alike! Thank you for rejoicing with us!