Thursday, September 27, 2007

Katelyn is One Month Old!!

Here is a picture of our sweet and serious Katelyn at one month old! My how time flies! In honor of her turning 1 month old, Kristen, Katelyn, and Aunt Brittany (Kristen's youngest sister) took a road trip down to Austin for two of Aunt Jessica's (Kristen's middle sister) wedding showers! Katelyn had a great time and made lots of new friends! She even got to meet her great grandmother and great aunt for the first time in Waco on our way down!

Dave leaves for China next Thursday for 13 days! Kristen and Katelyn will spend this time in Austin and Waco visiting family. Upon Dave's return, we will be in Austin for Jessica's wedding on October 20! We are very excited for this event! Kristen is a bridesmaid and Dave and Katelyn are very excited wedding guests!

We continue to adjust to life as a family of three and are enjoying every minute...we hope you enjoy the pictures of some of those minutes!

Picture descriptions: (top) Katelyn at one month old, (middle) Katelyn enjoying bathtime--a rare occasion, (bottom) Katelyn helping with the laundry

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun times at the McCurdy home!

Fun time #1: Dave's mom came to visit this weekend, and we all enjoyed seeing her (especially Katelyn!). We got to celebrate two important birthdays....Dave's moms birthday was Sept. 9, so we were able to take her out to eat for that! And....Katelyn celebrated her 3-week birthday!! Can it really be true that it has already been 3 weeks??!!

Fun time #2: Dave and Katelyn enjoy spending special father/daughter time watering the plants and flowers in our little backyard!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Our First Family Picture!

Thought you might like to see our first McCurdy family photo! Quite informal, we know, but that's just the way we are anyways! Dave has been in Atlanta this week and Kristen's mom has been here. What a huge blessing she has been! Now the question Kristen is asking is, "What the heck am I supposed to do when she leaves??!!" Talk about being spoiled! Any tips some new moms might have on ways to make going on an errand with a newborn easier, do tell!! For instance, Kristen's mom said, don't carry your purse and the diaper bag if all you really need from your purse is your wallet. BRILLIANT! Done. We also put another cute picture of Katelyn below our family picture! Enjoy!